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  Specialists at the LC "Petersburg Biotechnologies" have developed a unique technology for production and disease protection of food and forage potato, which ensures stable yields of potato tubers at the rates equal to those provided by conventional technologies, and protection of plants from dangerous diseases like phytophtora and scab, without application of mineral nitrogen fertilizers, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, chemical protectors and growth stimulators. Compared with natural fertility, the biotechnology brings additional 5-10 metric tons of potato per hectare, while being capable of protecting up to 15-20 metric tons per hectare of tubers in the years of phytophtora epiphytotics; it also ensures excellent survival of tubers during the whole period of storage. The biotechnology helps farmers manage potato yields in order to have larger quantities of either market quality product or seeds.

The biotechnology consists of the following basic elements:
  - Tuber treatment by RISOBAKT SP on the day of planting, instead of bulk application of mineral fertilizers and fungicide dressing. Tuber treatment is done in a potato-planter right before planting, or by way of lavishly sprinkling tuber piles, or by sinking containers with tubers into a vessel full of the treating fluid.
- Spraying of plants during vegetation phase (to be carried out before plants’ closing in a row) by RISOBAKT SP instead of foliar dressing by mineral fertilizers and plant treatment by fungicides; it is done, first and foremost, in order to prevent phytophtora rot development and transfer of the infection from leaves to tubers.

Наша технология позволяет управлять структурой урожая картофеля Our technology makes you capable of managing the yield structure.
Ризобакт СП (Ф) Risobact SP (F)
Ризобакт СП (М) Risobact SP (M)
Продовольственный картофель Food potato
Семенной картофель Seed potato
Прибавка урожая за счёт увеличения МАССЫ клубней Yield growth due to the increase of tuber WEIGHT
Прибавка урожая за счёт увеличения КОЛИЧЕСТВА клубней Yield growth due to the increase of tuber QUANTITY

EXAMPLE: CALCULATION OF BIOTECHNOLOGY-RELATED EXPENSES, at the potato planting rate of as much as 2 metric tons per hectare
Biotechnology components Application rate Cost for 1 ha, RUB Brief characteristic of biotechnology components’ action
Risobakt SP  (r.zh.f.) 0.1 l/metric ton of tubers 1200 Activization of plant nutrition by air-nitrogen.

Stimulation of stem-, trunk- and tuber formation.

Activization of plant nutrition by phosphorus, potassium and microelements.

Bio-control of phytophtora and other non-virus disease.
Lignohumate - K

0.5 l/metric ton of tubers 170 Bio-protector, stress reliever and adhesive for RISOBAKT SP

TOTAL expenses on planting

Risobakt SP  (r.zh.f.) 0,1 l/hectare of planting 600 Activization of plant nutrition by air-nitrogen. Prevention of phytophtora rot and other non-virus disease, stopping infections from going down from the upper part of plants to tubers.
Lignohumate - K 0,5 l/hectare of planting 85 Bio-protector, stress reliever and adhesive for RISOBAKT SP
  TOTAL expenses during vegetation period  685