Petersburg Biotechnologies

You are visiting the web-site of "Petersburg Biotechnologies" – a research-and-production innovative company.
The purpose of the site is to provide you with the most complete information about modern agrotechnologies which have been developed and implemented in agrobusiness by our company.
Our key idea for crop production is environmental friendliness, energy and resource saving. This is achieved by reduced or zero application of mineral fertilizers, chemical pesticides and agrichemicals in general. This approach helps to reduce the cost of the end product at the same time retaining high yield and increasing the quality of crops.
In order to ensure appropriate application of agrotechnologies, we offer a comprehensive agriservice support (agronomical consulting) for out products being bought and implemented in practice.
Currently we offer the following products for agribusiness:
  • seed units and growing biotechnologies for Goat's rue (Galega orientalis);
  • biologized agrotechnologies for growing winter and summer grain crops, legumes (soy, peas, beans, chickpeas, etc.), potato, turnip, rape, sunflower, maize, sugar beetroot, forage crops (vetch-oats mixtures, etc.), and a range of other crops;
  • a technology of plant residue management (straw decomposition).
See more information about our company and our solutions in the site’s sections; its content is being complemented and enlarged every day.